Simplified Content Production

Unlock the full value of your sales and marketing materials.

B2B Sales & Marketing is hard, but creating high-quality content doesn’t have to be!

Have you heard of ETL?

Extract. Transform. Load. It’s been around for decades and helps businesses integrate a wide array of data into a consistent format. That data can then be used in a wide range of solutions, like business intelligence dashboards.

It's ETL, for Content.™️

All content is broken down into a consistent set of structured data to unlock its full potential.

We start with your existing content

We extract all of the core information such as text, images, fonts, colors, layout, audience, and topics.

The data is then transformed into our proprietary standardized format where our AI analyzes and understands the content to know how it can be used in future applications.

The content can then be dynamically assembled into any new format you need, without the use of designers or developers. Our AI-powered workflow assists with copywriting, layout and branding to ensure everything is up to your standards.

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Automate Content Production

ContentCanvas allows your business to automate production and promotion while continuously improving your content.

Launch Campaigns Faster

With just one file upload, ContentCanvas can create graphics, videos, text ads, emails, one-sheet presentations, and more.

No-code design automation to unlock the full value of your content and be on-brand, everywhere™️.

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