The Future of Content

the problem

File formats constrain your content

Content production is a slow, linear process

Resulting in high costs and low output.

Static file types limit your content's reach

PDF, JPG, DOC, PPTX, MP4 etc. only work in specific locations.

'Source files' are required to make updates

Content owners aren't able to make edits without designers and developers.

the solution

Content that adapts to the needs of the user

ContentCanvas lets you adapt your content to the specific needs of the user through content personalization and dynamic delivery.


Persona: Who is consuming?

Industry: What is the nature of their business?

Topic: What are their interests?


File Type: What is the format?

Channel: Where are they consuming?

Device: What are they using to consume?


{{PERSONALIZATION: Persona}} working for a {{PERSONALIZATION: Industry}} company wants to {{DYNAMIC DELIVERY: File Type}} on {{DYNAMIC DELIVERY: Channel}} about {{PERSONALIZATION: Topic}} on a {{DYNAMIC DELIVERY: Device}}.

A salesperson working for a technology company wants to watch a video on LinkedIn about productivity tips on her cell phone.

salesperson working for a technology company wants to read an article on LinkedIn about productivity tips on her desktop.

Product Manager working for a financial services company wants to listen to an article on Spotify about productivity tips on her cell phone.

how it works

It's ETL, for Content.

All content is broken down into a consistent set of structured data to unlock its full potential and achieve our goal. This is done by connecting and extracting from all content sources, transforming them into a uniform structure, and loading the dynamically assembled content into the required format.


AI Powered Tools for Extract, Transform, Load.

Content Optimization

With the content delivered dynamically, measurements will be made for machine learning to apply optimizations for future rounds of content delivery.

Machine Learning and Optimization.

Join the Beta Release

For our initial launch of ContentCanvas we are prioritizing tools that let you create promotional assets from your existing content.

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