ContentCanvas Version 1.1.0

Get 100 Free Credits when you join with no expiration

After a lot of conversations with early users we have landed on an all new pricing system that gives you incredible flexibility. Choose to pay as you go only when you need us, or subscribe to different tiers based on the type of assets you need to produce. All users will receive 100 free credits that never expire upon signing up or logging back in after this update. Access the platform now:

See the full breakdown here:

New Login with email

We’re dedicated to being the number one resource for B2B marketers, so naturally we are leaning in heavily to LinkedIn. But we have added the option of signing up with an email address. No passwords. EVER.

Improved Onboarding Process

We’ve been busy creating new articles, videos, and product tours, but if you have any questions at all about how to get started, simply email us at [email protected].

New AI-Powered Concept Creation Process

There are countless ways to produce marketing materials, but we are a strong believer in planning for scale and batch producing assets. Our new Concept creation process uses AI to support you in generating ideas for imagery and…

New Generate Images with AI

…that’s right – you can now take the recommendations from ContentCanvas and in a single click, create stunning images. But that’s not all…

…the concept generation also gives you a much improved set of suggested search terms for imagery that you can use directly in the app. Select from millions of pictures, pulled in from multiple commercially usable, royalty-free websites.

Improved UI for Generate Assets

With your custom concepts ready, we have made significant changes to how individual creative assets are produced.

New Bulk Asset Generation

Select as many different formats as you want and we will generate them in a couple of seconds

Improved Layouts for Asset Generation

Easily update the layouts of your designs and fine-tune the sizing and alignment with pixel perfect controls, that don’t require you being a designer to use.

Improved Image Import UI

Add new images from your existing content, generate with AI, source stock images, add other assets into new ones, and edit every detail with powerful adjustment and effect tools.

Improved Video Generation Features

It is now easier than ever to make stunning animated videos to promote your content. With free music and new transitions and effects.

New Landing Page HTML Asset Generation

Not only can you create promotional assets like graphics, videos, and emails, but you can now even create the landing page you are driving your prospects to with our powerful HTML editor.

New Bulk Export Assets

Once you have created all of the promotional assets you need, you can now select them all in one click and download as a ZIP file. Or, if your working as part of a team, you can also…

New Share for Approval Tool

Generate a custom public link to get feedback and approval on the assets, without ever leaving the platform. And then, once you are ready to launch your campaign…

New Publish to LinkedIn Tool

You can now connect directly to your LinkedIn profile and post immediately or schedule for the future a single image organic post. You can also track all clicks with the…

New automatic UTM tracking codes

A campaign needs accurate measurement in order to calculate ROI. So every individual asset you post gets auto-generated UTM codes appended to the clickthrough URL. You’ll be able to see not only which piece of content was responsible for the page visit, but also the specific creative used.


Still here? Well, we are just getting started. With new releases scheduled every month, we are going to be launching more and more features to help you promote your content across every channel, be it paid, or organic.

Drop us a note if you have any feature requests, thoughts, or feedback on the platform.

Email [email protected]