Use Cases

We understand your needs

Make a responsive, interactive web page version of your long form content

PDFs and PowerPoint Decks are great, but when sharing content or distributing across multiple channels, a responsive webpage unlocks a much greater user experience.

Organize, filter, and search all content, not just meta tags

ALL content is stored, not just tags and categories. This means that when you search your content library, you are searching every element of the document, as well as the AI identified keywords and topics.

Summarize content into an abstract and short overview

Automatically provide an overview of your content without having to read and usnderstand the whole document. Our AI identifies the most important elements on each page and then generates an accurate summary for users to understand what they're about to see.

Write ad copy for your content with AI assistance

Get a head start on writing you ad copy with automatically generated suggestions from our AI

Generate HTML email templates to share your content

Stop relying on others to create HTML email templates. Our powerful no-code editor gives you everything you need, automatically creating the templates ready for you to edit and export as needed.

Generate social graphics to promote your content

For every item you add, or each new item published, ContentCanvas can automatically generate all of the social graphis you need to ensure everyone finds your content!

Generate videos to promote your content

Nothing stands out more than professional, branded videos. ContentCanvas can generate videos dynamically for all of your content.

Brand Management and style guide

Organize and manage all aspects of your brand. Logo files, colors, fonts, and branded imagery. Share access to the files and generate style guides.

Find and apply custom styles and branding to stock images to include in your blog

Stop repeating the same tasks everytime you produce a piece of content. Set up design formulas to apply just the right styles to your assets.

Edit content without source files

Editting an exported asset such as a PDF comes with a huge number of frustrations. With ContentCanvas, you can export and editable version and rexport once edits are finished.

Make new versions of assets in different languages

Recreating assets in different languages is expensive and time-consuming. By using dynamically produced content, this process can be minimized and made much more efficient.

Bulk create graphics with different imagery and text

Test differnt messaging and campaign imagery by bulk generating multiple variations of each asset..